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Alluring, magical, and indescribably beautiful, the San Francisco Bay Area draws millions of visitors each year. Those who know the area intimately might suggest the superb amenities, dynamic energy, breathtaking natural beauty, unique cityscape, and international economy. When Fortune magazine ranked the San Francisco Bay region as number one for business nationally—and second worldwide behind Singapore—two of the primary factors cited were quality of lifestyle and the high concentration of intellectuals and entrepreneurs. Little wonder that Greater San Francisco invites comparison to globally influential cities like Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, and Hong Kong.

In addition to San Francisco and San Mateo counties, the San Francisco Bay Area consists of several other counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, Solano, Sonoma, and Santa Clara. As you will discover, the entire region is a vibrant international community filled with the positive spirit of advancement, growth, and progress. Even though each community and neighborhood claims its own special character and charm, the Bay Area as a region offers an exciting, friendly, yet cosmopolitan atmosphere. The greater San Francisco metropolitan region is also a magnet for new businesses seeking a location that combines economic vitality with an exceptional quality of life. The City of San Francisco joins San Jose and Oakland as the regional pulse points for business, commerce, and distribution.

With more than seven million residents, the Bay Area ranks as one of largest metropolitan regions in the country, claiming industries that range from high technology to high fashion. Stir in world-class universities, research laboratories, international markets, an exceptionally talented labor force, and spectacular scenery. Add the high-tech leadership of Silicon Valley, the prowess of San Francisco’s banking and financial world, the innovation associated with Stanford University and UC Berkeley, and the industrial and distribution centers in Oakland. No other region in the nation brings together such superior ingredients in one relatively compact area. With so many biotechnology research centers and eminent technological leaders, the area is constantly forging new programs to support a highly educated workforce. Other programs deliver research advancements to the private sector for practical application, ensuring the area’s edge in global competition.

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